A colleague of mine recently asked me why I am so passionate (and frankly frustrated) by all of the unfunded mandates passed by the Illinois General Assembly.  Here's the deal folks.  People don't want to pay more in property taxes to fund public education.  There is an obvious discrepancy in most laws passed in the State of Illinois, with CPS almost always being excluded because it contains more than 500,000 inhabitants (this is standard language in most legislation in Illinois).  There has been a growing LIST OF UNFUNDED MANDATES enacted since 1992 (the year I graduated high school).  What's sad is people keep blaming the wrong folks.  Remember, you get what you vote for.  Oh, and guess who was in charge of the Illinois HOUSE of Representatives for all but two of those 27 years… If you guessed Mike Madigan, you'd be correct.  If you have the courage to call out your state representatives and senators, feel free to share this with them.  Frankly, I'm tired of my students paying for the unfunded mandates enacted by politicians.  Just saying.

Unfunded Mandates Care of The Illinois General Assembly – Enacted Since 1992