Rick Wormeli (WORM-lee), an exceptional educator and world-renowned presenter, lead this professional conference April 18, 2017, in Woodridge, Illinois.  His approach to changing education together is energizing and infectious.  During today's workshop, Rick talked about getting out of students' way.  Empower students, and you improve not only their learning, but also enhance the culture of your school.  See also – Student Empowerment and School Culture: Perceptions of Adolescents and Their Parents/Guardians.  Also be sure to see how affording students the opportunity to choose, by empowering them and holding them accountable can result in an amazing product, and watch David Bowden's "Inner Net."

Final thought from the morning session is this – "What's the difference between proficient in the standard/outcome and mastery of the standard/outcome?"

Standards Based Assessment & Grading: Using Assessments to Empower Student Learning with Rick Wormeli