Recently, I was contacted by a colleague who inquired about accounting services and support.  I immediately thought of Debra Rauscher at Back Office Rescue.  Why Back Office Rescue?  Well, have you experienced any of the following:

  • Loss of accounting personnel. The person who knows and does everything has left and you need someone with experience  immediately.
  • Current staff cannot keep up. The company has grown and you are not getting the numbers you need to run your business. 
  • Who you have is not at the right level. You cannot run an accounting department with an accounts payable clerk. 
  • You cannot afford what you need. You know you need a CFO or Controller but do not have the budget for someone full time. 

I've known Debra for over 20 years, and have benefited from her accounting experience and expertise.  Back Office Rescue, Inc. is dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs​.  If you are interested in getting more information, go to or contact Debra at [email protected].

Need accounting services and support?