Just a quick update…  According to the ISBE weekly message of January 5, 2016, "ACT filed a protest to the Notice of Award on December 16 [,2015].  As a result, the the procurement for a college entrance examination remains open as the state's Chief Procurement Office (CPO) considers the merits of the protest.  Once this process is complete, the CPO will issue a written determination."  The article went on to say, "…without a complete fiscal year 2016 state budget, the State Board does not yet know if appropriations will be available to fund the cost of providing a college entrance exame to students this spring."  Have questions or concerns, State Superintendent Tony Smith encourages you to contact him at [email protected].  

Click HERE to read the Illinois State Board of Education Notice.  

ISBE Shares Information on New College Entrance Exam for 11th Graders