Thank you for visiting this site.  Many of the links you find on this site are frequently used by me and are listed as a reference.
This website is owned and maintained by the author.  No organization endorses this website or its content, and the opinions and information shared herein do not reflect the opinions of any organization.
Above all else, family comes first.  In all that I have done and accomplished, it is because of the love and dedication of my family.  It is to them, and my dear friend D.W. Towby that I dedicate this page and all that it reflects.
The experience indicated in my profile highlights my drive for excellence – not only in myself but all with whom I come into contact.  This is particularly true as it relates to continuous professional reflective practice of me and my colleagues in the classroom and leadership, and more specifically academic growth in students.  My objective is to obtain and maintain a leadership role in a professional learning community that will benefit from my previous experiences and further enhance my professional growth.  My LinkedIn profile can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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